Welcome to CU Companion

November 20th, 2009 Posted in General Information

cuc_creditunionlogoWe are an outside marketing company specializing in building Credit Union membership and dramatically increasing loan portfolios through direct loan origination. We work with each partner Credit Union, to identify needs in member size, and/or loan portfolio budgets, and then institute a direct marketing and loan program to meet theses objectives. Our professionals set up comprehensive marketing campaigns, focusing on community.

This approach spotlights the member Credit Union to area business and individuals, starting new member relationships out with a direct conforming loan. Satisfying new member growth, and meeting loan expectations.

CU Companion makes it easy … you tell us what your institution wants to accomplish and we do the rest. Contact us to set up a comprehensive evaluation today!

Increasing Member Services and Member Retention

Integral to the CU Companion model of providing member service is the concept of education and customer retention. Our goal is to provide needed services and products to credit union members at below market rates as a means to create solidarity between our credit union clients and their members.

We work with each credit union client individually to determine what products and services their members might benefit from. The credit union then has the choice of either directly promoting that product or service to members or utilizing the services of the CUC Call Center whose trained operators will contact their members directly. Either way, there is a direct benefit to credit union and member through reduced pricing to members and fees earned for the credit union.